Jeff Brizzolara

Engineer • Designer • Gamer

Hi! I'm Jeff Brizzolara

Jeff Brizzolara and Athena

I'm a software engineer, game designer and avid gamer. I love having the opportunity to create something that can transport the player into a new experience. Games are most successful when they inspire to feel what it's like to visit incredible places and do fantastic things. When design and implementation work together to accomplish this, playing a game becomes a transformative experience.

My mission in game development is to understand the requirements and build a rebust solution with the right amount of versitility that allows those working with it realize their vision without complicating it. I think it's important to find the right balance between the "right now" solution and the "kitchen sink" solution. My focus while writing code is ensuring that what I write will make as much sense to me in 5 years as it does right now. Readability is key which is why I emphasize clean, clear, well-thought-out code.

I like to be a well-read gamer. I enjoy playing a variety of games and taking inspiration from them. There are so many amazing titles offering unique and interesting experiences; each one illumates and reveals something new about me as a player or designer or developer. I enjoying trying new strategies and different approaches in order to grow and improve. Games as a media are unique in this respect. They require and demand participation and by participating we reveal new facets of the game and game reveals new facets of ourselves.

Shipped Titles
  • NBA2K13
  • NBA2K14
  • NBA2K15
  • NBA2K16
  • NBA2K17
  • NBA2K18
Favorite Starcraft Race
Hours Spent on FFT


  • Software Engineer, Game Programming

    Visual Concepts

    November 2011 - Present

    Worked as part of the NBA2K team to implement features to emulate television broadcasts and on-court entertainment (pregame / between quarters), including camera, overlays, commentary, audio and animations.

    Updated and maintained internal game scripting GUI tool and runtime. Managed a team to further enhance tool functionality and feature set to improve workflow and streamline script debugging.

    Rearchitected and maintained script sequencer responsible for selecting and timing in-game scenes and animations.

  • Lead Project Manager


    March 2009 - November 2011

    Led development of video lessons, game assets, and Drupal-based website for a e-Learning site focused on teaching students game development basics by providing step-by-step instruction and game-ready assets.

  • Curriculum & Software Developer

    TechKnowHow Computer Classes and Camps

    June 2005 - November 2011

    Designed and implemented games focused on teaching students how to create them. Authored detailed instruction materials and led teacher training for classes around the Bay Area. Led classes for students and offered support to teachers in the field.

  • BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design

    University of California, Santa Cruz

    Graduated June 2008